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WMS Related Sites

The wmsslots.net website is a fan site - it's not affiliated or endorsed by WMS in any way although they have provided me with permission to use this domain name to host my home-made videos of their slot games.

WMS Games only came onto the online scene in february 2011 but there are a few sites that players might find interesting. Their online casino is called Jackpot Party (named after their popular Vegas progressive slot machine) and has all of their games as one might expect.

WMS Gaming themselves have a corporate site at WMS.com which provides updates and news regarding forthcoming slot games. They also run the Players Life website where players can get together and discuss the WMS slots in land-based or online format. It's a mainly US-focused site at the moment but good for a poke around.

Regarding this site, it forms part of my own Slotjunkies network, the hub of which is the Slotjunkies site. In addition to this WMS spin-off site I also run an IGT slots site focusing solely on their games. The Slotjunkies hub has all of the WMS and IGT slots along with many more games.